Throughout the country local churches and Christian groups have teamed up to share a positive and affirming witness at Pride events. Here you can find out information of a Pride in your area, or let us know if there is something missing.


We're also excited to share that in 2019 we will be adding international locations to our list of Christians at Pride partners: Tirana (Albania) and Auckland (New Zealand)!








Everyone is welcome to come and join at Pride in London, and there are three ways you can get involved:

1.    Join us walking in the Parade. 

Spaces in the Parade are limited, so our suggestion this year is that places in the parade should go to people who: 

  • are LGBTQIA+ themselves

  • are partners, close friends or family members of someone LGBTQIA+ 


  • are involved in an LGBTQIA+ Christian group. 

To join the Parade, sign up to our Facebook group to stay informed, and find the link to get yourself a wristband.

2.    Join us watching and supporting the Parade.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to come along and join us here, the more the merrier. It is also a less strenuous option than joining the parade itself. 

3.    Join us at the Christians at Pride service

This will be held at 6pm on the day of the parade at St Giles int he Fields






Over the Summer Months and into September Pride is Celebrated across the country. Here are some of the places that Christians at Pride will also be visible! If you would like to connect with any of these groups then join our Facebook group.

11th May Exeter

1st June Oxford

8th June York

22nd June Portsmouth

13th July Croydon

20th July Isle of Wight

27th - 28th July Sheffield

27th July Liverpool

27th July Norwich

3rd August Brighton

4th August Leeds

10th August Surrey

24th August Southampton

31st August Leicester

7th September Eastleigh

If you are part of a Christians at Pride group and your town and Pride march are not on our list please do get in contact with us so we can add you!

Christians at Pride