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Revd. Rachel Mann


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Lady Phyll


At the heart of Christians at Pride in London is our annual Pride service which takes place after the parade has finished. During this time we worship together, share Communion and hear from an inspirational speaker

Join us after the Pride in London parade at 6pm on Saturday 2nd July 2022 at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, WC2H 8EP for inclusive worship and communion with our special guests Rev Maureen Bailey from The Regeneration Project, Rev Peta Evans from MCC North London, and poet Sarah Baptiste.

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Our service brings people together from a variety of Christian traditions and denominations, as well as people from across the LGBTQ+ community. As such, we endeavour to ensure that it is accessible for all, including an open table for Communion, the presence of a BSL Signer, and a variety of worship songs. 

Over the last few years we have heard from the Revd. Kate Bottley, the Revd. Canon Rachel Mann, and (Lady) Phyll Opoku-Gyimah. 

We are constantly seeking to improve our work and humbly acknowledge that whilst we challenge ourselves to include everyone we at times might not succeed. Please work and pray with us as we seek to provide this important service during the joyful time of Pride.

Please reach out to local groups to find out what provision is made during other Prides.

Revd. Kate Botley






Christians at Pride is an ecumenical grassroots movement, enabled by the work of OneBodyOneFaith. 

Our goal is to equip and encourage local groups to be present at Pride events

both in the UK and internationally: sharing a message of inclusive love to a community

that has been shunned and hurt by the church worldwide.

We believe God's inclusive love is for all,

and that our sexualities and gender identities reflect the beauty of who God is. 



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