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Following the revelations of racism and bullying within Pride in London, the planning team for Christians at Pride in London have made the decision to not join the parade for 2021. Whilst we acknowledge the most recent statement committing to change, we believe we cannot join the parade this year until positive change has been demonstrated.


As a team we also acknowledge that our number does not fairly represent that joyful diversity found in LGBTQ+ Christian communities, particularly Black and People of Colour, trans and non-binary people, and those with a disability. We have committed to work to challenge this and seek out partners who can work alongside us to be the change we expect to see in Pride in London.


We remain committed to the necessity of a positive Christian presence at Pride in London, showing by our actions that there is no room for hatred, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, or racism within the church. It is our hope that we will still be able to host our annual, and independent, Christians at Pride in London service, as well as considering how our Pride Angels might still be able to minister to those attending the day.


Christians at Pride is a national network, supported by the work of OneBodyOneFaith, and so whilst the London group has decided not to join the official parade this year, we would encourage you to look to other Pride celebrations for a Christians at Pride presence – particularly if you would normally travel a great distance to join us in London. 


For further comment or questions please contact:


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